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My name is Dr. Corinne W. Brandon , Than

Welcome !


My name is Pastor, Dr. Corinne W. Brandon. Thank you for visiting this site! I would like to personally welcome you to Come Apart Ministries (C.A.M.): The ministry whose name speaks for itself!


Are you in church leadership or faithfully serving in the Kingdom of God? 


Then this ministry is tailored for you.


Spiritual Leadership, though rewarding, often feels demanding, overwhelming, challenging and isolating. 


WHO is your coach?


WHERE is your outlet to be transparent?


WHEN can you pause from the never ending ministry demand?


As the Visionary, Founder, and Pastor of Come Apart Ministries, I understand!


Come Apart Ministries offer leaders a safe and confidential place to refresh and refuel in the presence of the Lord; to be empowered to effectively share the gospel of Jesus Christ and to serve the community.

Meet the Founder and Visionary

Pastor,  Dr. Corinne W. Brandon, (DMin, 2008)

Pastor and Professor

Founder of Come Apart Ministries


"A blacksmith is one who sharpens and shapes tools and weapons for use.

 I liken myself to a Spiritual Blacksmith; as one who is used by God to sharpen and shape the people of God, by teaching the word of God; to be used by God."  - Dr. Brandon


Dr. Corinne Brandon (DMin, 2008) was born on the picturesque island of  Trinidad, West Indies.  She is the mother of a beautiful and anointed daughter, Ashley L. Brandon.  Dr. Brandon began her spiritual journey of service unto the Lord in 1995.  In 2005, she was ordained as a minister; and in 2010, she was licensed as a Minister of the Gospel in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Dr. Brandon’s primary spiritual gift is that of a Teacher of the Word of God.  Throughout her service as a teacher, she has served as an Adjunct Professor at Queen City Bible College; and a Professor and Academic Dean at Envision Life School of Ministry and Leadership in Charlotte, North Carolina. On September 25, 2022, Dr. Brandon was ordained to the work of a Pastor.


While teaching the Word of God, Dr. Brandon has traveled both nationally and internationally on mission trip assignments to places such as Africa, Israel and Caribbean Islands as a conference speaker and exhorter. She is known as a spiritual counselor, coach, mentor, advisor and mother to many.


In 1989, Dr. Brandon received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Science, in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. In 2006, she received a Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS); and in 2008, a Doctorate of Ministry, (DMin, 2008) both in Orlando, Florida graduating Cum Laude.


Dr. Corinne W. Brandon,(DMin, 2008) is the founder of the following Come Apart Ministries (C.A.M.), Come Apart before you Come Apart  spiritual retreat ministry, and a Conference Call Bible Study Class (C.C.B.C.) with attendees throughout the United States, and "Daughters of Destiny" a spiritual mentorship program for young ladies. She is also the co-founder of "Wailing Women of God" an intercessory prayer group, as well as the former library director of Queen City Bible College, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Come Apart Ministries


The focus of Come Apart Ministries (C.A.M.) is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, to do community outreach, and to participate and support global missions. In addition, the ministry also hosts seasonal retreats, provides worship gatherings, and conducts private and group coaching sessions for ministry leaders and workers.  These platforms allow individuals the opportunity to discuss some of the unique challenges they face regarding their ministry.  C.A.M. also offers personal and practical resources designed specifically to equip leaders with a multifaceted collection of tools to fulfill their kingdom ministerial assignments.  




COME APART before you come apart and fall apart!

COME APART and catch your spiritual breath!

COME APART for a time of refreshing and refueling in a secluded place and commune with the Lord!

COME APART to an unscripted, unrestricted, and Holy Spirit-led worship gathering!

COME APART to a place of spiritual development, ministry grooming and biblical guidance in a place where your gifts are launched and utilized!

COME APART to private or group sessions of safe dialogue where transparency and confidentiality are of paramount importance!

COME APART and join the Matthew chp.25 community outreach and mission mandate!

COME APART and be a part of kingdom collaboration as ministry leaders extend support and encouragement amongst each other!

COME APART and learn key principles on how you can expand your ministry and flourish as you impact the kingdom of God!



“Come Apart with the Lord before you Come Apart from the Lord!”

"To provide a spiritual environment to renew, restore, and refresh; to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to effectively preach the gospel and serve those in need."


We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, and authoritative Word of God.  We believe that the Godhead (trinity) eternally exists in three distinct persons: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit; and these three are one. We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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