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 Missions Projects


Trinidad Outreach


C.A.M. is committed to sending barrels of essential items to the least served communities in Trinidad. 

These barrels will allow men, women and children the opportunity to receive essentials needed for day to day living, which will provide a deep sense of security and hope. 

Your generous donations will help us as we endeavor to make a huge impact through giving in the communities that are least served. 

Thank you greatly for partnering with the ministry in this effort.


Fenix Empowerment Project in Panama



Many families in Panama live in mud shack, zinc houses and live below poverty level.


C.A.M. is endeavoring to assist The Fenix Empowerment Project with funds to build houses that will help families live a better life and rise above their current standard of living.


Your monetary donations can help us assist the Fenix project in breaking the poverty cycle. Donations will be collected until March 1, 2023.


Thank you for joining C.A.M. to bring hope, relief, and love to families in need in Panama.


Kenya Orphanage Outreach

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Many children of the orphanage only receive a meal only once or twice per week. C.A.M. has a goal to provide meals every day for these children.

Thank you for joining in with C.A.M. to bring hope and meals to the children of the Orphanage in Kenya! 

Your contributions and efforts are most appreciated and will surely bring hope and relief. 

To Give Monetary Donations

 Please Note: "Missions" on donation 


Thank you for your generosity!

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